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  • Project

    SCAN National Platform for Capacity Building in Technical Assistance to Small Coffee Farmers in Guatemala.
  • Objective

     Improve farmers’ lives, the environment, and future supply chain capacity, by supporting more productive and sustainable coffee farming and business management. This will be achieved through the coordination and cooperation of leading organizations promoting sustainability and sustainable certification. 
  • SCAN Platform Members

    Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified, Solidaridad, Asociación Crecer, FLO International, Fair Trade USA, Anacafé, Fedecocagua, and the BCIE Project “Central American Markets for Biodiversity” (CAMBio).
    • Beneficiaries

      Over 4,500 small coffee farmers organized in 37 Producer Organizations.
    • Location / Geographical Area

      Guatemala; Alta Verapaz and Oriente (Jalapa, Chiquimula, Zacapa). These areas are characterized by their multicultural ethnicity, being composed mainly by Mayas Quechí and Pocomam, and also ladinos (Spanish descendants).
    • Duration

      3 years- January 2012 to December 2014
    • Impact assessment

      The Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA) will apply its internationally independent impact assessment methodology
    • Specific activities

      1. Establish national SCAN Guatemala platform 2. Conduct national needs assessment (coffee sector) 3. Based on needs assessment, consolidate and/or jointly develop training materials where required 4. Validate the tools in the field. 5. Process is reviewed and supported by SCAN international platform 5. Train master trainers and field-promoters in the field 6. Pilot implementation of training tools 7. Independent impact assessment (COSA) and project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) 8. Establish Center of Excellence to store, share and further develop training materials
    • Expected results

      • A functioning National Platform of leading institutions for Sustainable Coffee and Sustainable Agriculture to coordinate approaches and interventions.
      • A comprehensive set of harmonized technical assistance training materials and methodologies on Sustainable Agriculture and Business Management, available to the global community
      • Master Trainers developed (25-30) on the implementation of training materials and methodologies.
      • 4,000 farmers are implementing improved practices as a result of the technical assistance they received (note: possible10 to 15% attrition anticipated from 4.5K target).
      • 15 to 25% increase in coffee yield of target groups
      • 70% of target farmers meet platform common screens and are positioned to choose certification.
      • Between 15 to 25% increase in net income from coffee production.
      • A Center of Excellence for Sustainable Agriculture in Coffee is established.
    • Financing

      McDonald's USA logoMcDonald's Canada logo
    • Launch

      The official Launch and presentation of the National SCAN Platform for Sustainable Coffee Guatemala was held on Monday 4th March 2013. See blog posts: SCAN Guatemala National Platform SCAN Guatemala Launch Press for SCAN Guatemala Downloads: McDonalds Sustainable Coffee Commitment press release

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