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  • 5th SCAN Vietnam meeting - 6 August 2015, Buôn Ma Thuột
  • Mobile Help desks during the 5th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival
  • Mobile Help desks during the 5th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival, 10–11 March 2015
  • Coffee garden of a farmer in the Minh Toan Loi group/cooperative.
  • Training on food securities and work safety measures for farmers of Tra Da coffee group,  in Pleicu Town, Gia Lai province
  • A farmer family of Minh Toan Loi group 
  • Training on good agricultural practices for Farmers of Minh Toan Loi Group
  • Training on farming practices for farmers.
  • Establishment meeting of Tra Da Group
  • Group support on the field
  • A group member's garden
  • Mr. Khoa Anh Head of Tam Giang Group
  • Minh Toan Loi group map
  • Meeting for establishment of Tam Giang Group
  • Meeting for establishment of Minh Toan Loi
  • Training for management teams of 3 groups (Trada, Tam Giang and Minh Toan Loi on the group organisation and management, Utz certification
  • Project

  • Objectives

    1. Improve management at the global chain and national level based on the identification of opportunities, problems and solutions. Create nationally and globally accepted training materials and curricula for sustainable production, business management and trade.
    2. Improve communication and coordination between stakeholders and service providers; including promoting harmonized terminology on sustainable production and trade across standards bodies and service providers (for more consistent and efficient service provision) and the exchange of practical experience of agronomists.
    3. Facilitate coordination of partners’ capacity building activities at the national and international level and their collaboration in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.
    4. Address producers' prioritized opportunities and problems from the start.
    5. Integrate producers’ interests and priorities into standards systems.
    6. Create linkages between standards and government programs, policies and regulatory frameworks to produce low cost/high value solutions to standard requirements that are nationally accepted or approved
    7. Promote clarity on the role of the Standards Bodies in addressing producer’s expectations, thereby creating a two-way exchange of data and knowledge.
  • Beneficiaries

    2 producer groups in Vietnam will be supported. With an average of 330 members per group, a total of 660 producers will be directly supported. The technical capacity and professional opportunities of 15-25 professionals will be built.
  • Location / Geographical Area

  • Collaborators

    SCAN Partners, SolidaridadUTZ CertifiedRainforest Alliance, and other platform organizations such as the Community Development Center (CDC) and PPP-taskforce, Ministry of Agriculture (MARD).
  • Specific Activities

    1. Create, validate and implement a prioritized set of training materials and curriculum on sustainable production and business management at the field level
    2. Review and approval at the international level (by the international SCAN platform and Technical committee).
    3. The training tools will focus on the 5 thematic areas prioritized by SCAN members (Good Agricultural Practices; Organizational Development; Quality Management Systems; Financial Literacy; and Marketing).
    4. Training of trainers in the use of the tools and conducting needs assessments at producer level to adapt the training materials to the specific needs of target producer groups.
    5. Establish an autonomous Center of Excellence on Sustainable Coffee and Agriculture
  • Expected results

    • Established SCAN Vietnam platform with direct linkage to MARD and international SCAN platform.
    • Prioritized training tool guides and curriculum (2), validated and field-tested, on Organizational Development and Good Agricultural practices. As in Peru, these tools will be reviewed and approved by the SCAN international partners, and can be used as templates to be adapted and replicated in other countries (at a significantly lower cost).
    • 15 trainers and 1,000 producers trained on new training materials and methods
    • Basis for Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Coffee and Agriculture established in Vietnam.
  • Financing

    The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)
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