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  • Project

    Financial Literacy Toolbox for Sustainable Coffee Producers
  • Objective

    Increase access to finance for sustainable coffee small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), initially in Tanzania and Kenya by improving producer and SME financial and accounting management capacity. The specific objective of the proposed work is the development of an initial set of training tools presented in workshops addressed at the trainers that work directly with those sustainable coffee SMEs in need.
  • Collaborators

    Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade logo     Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade (FAST), Sustainable Commodity Assistance Network (SCAN) and Solidaridad East and Central Africa (SECAEC)
  • Beneficiaries

    The project will initially be implemented in Tanzania and Kenya, in partnership with SCAN through its Tanzanian Platform and SECAEC through its Kenyan network. The initial beneficiaries of the project will be the trainers from various local organizations, members and partners of SCAN and FAST. These trainers work directly with local coffee producers and SMEs to strengthen their business capacities. The resulting direct beneficiaries will be coffee SMEs from the G32 Kilimanjaro Coffee Co-op Societies which currently market the coffee of 22 SMEs from the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania and SMEs from Kenya, supported by Solidaridad’s Regional Expertise Centre.
  • Location / Geographical Area

    Tanzania and Kenya
  • Specific Activities

    1. Development of an initial Financial Literacy Toolbox (“Lite Edition”) for SMEs business development and financial management. A previous survey of the need with the SMEs will be done to define the content of the FLTBX
    2. Implementation of the FLTBX through a Training of Trainers session, with trainers working directly with SMEs in the sustainable coffee sector in Tanzania and Kenya
    3. Validation and improvement of the training materials through their implementation with a select sample of producers and SMEs in Tanzania and Kenya
    4. Launch of the FLTBX
    5. Follow up trainings with SMEs (coaching of SMEs)
    6. The coffee SMEs that have received training will be potential candidates to participate in the FAST Financial Fairs to be held in February 2013
    7. Monitoring and Evaluation
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