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SCAN recently completed a pilot phase of its program in 4 countries (Peru, Guatemala, Vietnam, and Tanzania) through support from HIVOS and co-financing from Solidaridad (as well as in-kind support from various SCAN representatives). Based upon the needs assessments conducted in each country, implementation plans are currently being conducted. In each country, efforts are being made to consolidate and strengthen the SCAN platforms, with direct support from Solidaridad’s Coffee Support Network.

In Peru, roll-out activities are being undertaken on tool development and training related to Group Certification, Internal Control Systems (ICS) and Best Practices in Agriculture. In Vietnam the training focuses on Organizational Development. While in Tanzania the focus will be on simplifying and applying Quality Management Systems.

In Guatemala, the objective of the platform is to improve farmers’ lives, the environment, and future supply chain capacity, by supporting more productive and sustainable coffee farming and business management. This will be achieved through the coordination and cooperation of leading organizations promoting sustainability and sustainable certification.

To date these activities have focused on the coffee sector.


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